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Ashford University

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San Diego, CA, USA

Job Type

Curricula Developer & Associate Faculty

About the Role


  • Developed and nurtured with team to develop e-learning materials.

  • Applied adult learning (Knowles et al.) methodologies to e-learning materials.

  • Reviewed and developed course content: Adult Education Development Courses

  • Developed Qualitative and Holistic Rubric: Education, Adult Development Courses

  • Developed Test Questions:  Education Courses

  • Course Design: Education Courses

  • Designed multimedia and interactive supplemental guidance curricula in Captivate, Articulate, Storyline and with advanced PowerPoint features for multiple courses

  • Facilitated and instructed 80+ classes for undergraduate and graduate (MA/MS./Doctoral) learners in Blackboard and eCollege

  • Engaged and motivate students to remain active in discussions and weekly activities/assignments

  • Ensured excellence in student submission, providing qualitative feedback on written assignments

  • Implemented adult learning theory (Knowles et al), collaborative learning, and active learning strategies into daily instructional practice

  • Delivered learner-centric curricula design and instructional practices

  • Ensured quality submission with qualitative feedback on written assignments,

  • Ensured quality content in projects and papers with guidance and teaching tools

  • Interacted with students daily each week via email, discussions, and questions forum

  • Scored and posted grades for all courses

  • Remained accessible to students five days per week

About the Company

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