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University of Phoenix

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Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Faculty & Online Workshop Facilitator

About the Role


Implement and facilitate online student and faculty workshops to ensure effective participation in online learning management system (LMS), provide feedback for all students, and grade per completion requirements. Workshops include: New Student Orientation, APA Techniques, and Writing Skills.

Courses: Essay, Persuasive, and Research Writing, University Composition, Introduction to World Cultures & Social Environments, Introduction to University Studies

  • Facilitated regular communication courses such as Utilizing Information in College Writing, and Essay and Research Writing

  • Delivered curricula, written communication, and critical thinking in an asynchronous format for online classes

  • Provided written Communication and Critical Thinking in an asynchronous format

  • Communicated course objectives, grade accordingly, report and record participation weekly

  • Communicated the objectives of each course, grade accordingly, report and record participation

  • Nurtured communication with regular, accurate, and timely feedback to students relative to their performance

  • Established and maintain class roll and teach according to the policies and procedures outlined

  • Assisted students through online discussions and via telephone in achieving objectives

  • Provided regular, accurate, and timely feedback to students relative to their performance

  • Exercised and ensure students' proper decorum to affect a positive learning environment

  • Motivated students to participate actively in all aspects of the educational process, including but not limited to class discussions, discussion threads, outside assignments, research, and other enrichment activities

  • Participated in department curriculum implementation and development meetings; recommends improvements in curriculum design

  • Facilitated and cultivated an academic environment conducive to student learning with professional and personal development.

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